Rick Youmans exhibits his artworks inspired by the Chilean coast

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The opening of the exhibition “Look + Deep. Reflections on the Chilean Coast” was held with great success. Works by Rick Youmans, a prominent New Zealand artist, who undertook a trip from Arica to Cape Horn, the latter, together with the Chilean Navy. He aimed to portray the contrasts where the Pacific Ocean meets the land.

“Look + Deep” is a research and exhibition project that, through the arts, aims to bring the beauty and importance of the oceans closer to viewers and simultaneously transmit a sense of belonging to the sea.

The exhibition combines 26 artworks from his artistic residency and time in Chile. His work also offers an inside look at the creative process by presenting sketches that gave life to the main pieces. In this way, the public can enjoy the entire creation process and connect more deeply with the artist’s work.

The opening ceremony, which took place on the morning of Tuesday, November 7, was chaired by the Ambassador (S) of the New Zealand Embassy in Chile, Michael O’Shaughnessy, the Director of Education of the Navy, Rear Admiral Sebastián Gutiérrez, the Director of the National Maritime Museum, Rear Admiral Andrés Rodrigo, the representative of Rick Youmans in Chile, and coordinator of the project, Nicole Lizama, and was attended by naval authorities, civilians, visual artists, academics and special guests.

He has previously exhibited in the prestigious Museo Palacio Vergara (Sept-Oct). The works will be on display until the end of the year at the National Maritime Museum in Valparaíso.

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Exhibition dossier in spanish


Images of the exhibition launch at Museo Palacio Vergara

Rick Youmans   Rick Youmans   Rick Youmans

    Rick Youmans   Rick Youmans Palacio Vergara

Rick Youmans    Rick Youmans Palacio Vergara    Rick Youmans

Images of the exhibition launch at National Maritime Museum

Rick Youmans Nicole Lizama    NZ Embassy    Armada

NZ Embassy          Mirar + Profundo     Mirar + Profundo

Mirar + Profundo     Mirar + Profundo      Mirar + Profundo

Mirar + Profundo     Mirar + Profundo    Mirar + Profundo