Artist Rick Youmans is part of “Chanchos de Autor 2” exhibition in Santiago, Chile

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Chanchos de Autor, or Pigs of Author, is a cultural project organised and curated by Daniela Greve, which introduces an innovative art medium for more than 100 visual artists participating in the latest version of this fascinating and diverse exhibition. 

The clay pigs are part of the popular culture of Chile. People mainly use them for decoration and saving, as a piggy bank, as they are associated with good fortune. There are manufactured since remotes times from the central north to the far south of Chile. However,  these lucky clay pigs come from Pomaire, a famous potter village near the Metropolitan region. 

With this project, the curator Daniela Greve aimed to connect cultural identity through visual artists’ interpretations while giving life and personality to a folkloric object. There is no doubt that this idea brings art closer to a broader audience, helping them to connect with the Chilean heritage. 

Artist Rick Youmans is participating in the latest version of “Chanchos de Autor“, which presents the artwork of artists from different disciplines and styles. Rick was approached to participate in the project while he was in Chile on his exploratory trip. 

Rick has given life to “Chancho costero” (coastal Pig) Moved by the pirate stories, he decided to venture out to explore and fulfil his dream as a little pig. He is wild and fights for the protection of nature. Its black and white body represents Rick’s work in Chinese ink and is part of the SKY INK SEA collection.

Chancho costero is part of “Chanchos de Autor 2”, now exhibited in the prestigious Ralli museum in Alonso de Sotomayor 4110, Vitacura. The exhibition is open to the general public until the 3rd of December, 2022. As a travelling exhibition, it will be presented in a new location over the summer.

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